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Official PA daily: "The Israeli apartheid state" is based on "a false Zionist narrative‎" and "colonialist Zionism‎"

By columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd ‎Al-Rahman
‎“European Union representatives ‎hastened to send letters to the ‎representatives of Palestine and Israel, ‎containing ‘carrot and stick’ measures for ‎each of the parties. Regarding the former ‎‎(the ‘carrot’ measures), the European ‎Union took care to emphasize that it would ‎provide financial and economic support on ‎various levels if the two-state solution ‎within the June 4, 1967 borders is reached. ‎At the ‘stick’ level, it threatened to blame ‎Israel for the failure of the negotiations due ‎to the continuation of the settlement ‎‎[project]. The letter to the Palestinians also ‎included a threat in the event they ‘did not ‎agree’ to make concessions that would ‎bring about a leap in the peace process! ...‎
What is being demanded of the ‎Palestinians? Is there any obligation ‎towards the Israeli apartheid state that they ‎have not met since the signing of the Oslo ‎Accords? Are the Palestinians being asked ‎to cede the right to return to their homes, ‎which was promised to them by ‎international law? Are they being asked to ‎cede their historical narrative in favor of a ‎false Zionist narrative and recognize the ‎‎‘Jewish [character]’ of the Israeli state, ‎thereby placing their own necks and that of ‎their people under the guillotine of ‎colonialist Zionism?”‎