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The US is the “primary enemy” of the Arab and Islamic nation

Official PA TV Live broadcast the third conference of Fatah’s Lebanon branch.
Fatah Central Committee member and director of Fatah’s Foreign Branch Commission Jamal Muhaisen:

“We say to our Arab nation, of which many today have become an instrument for implementing the policy of the US, the primary enemy of our Arab nation and our Islamic nation, [an enemy] that is trying to turn the conflict from an Arab-Israeli [conflict] into a regional, sectarian and national conflict, in order to fragment the region even further, as a service to the Zionist entity, and so Israel will retain supremacy over all Arabs. We say to the American instruments, and to anyone who supported the unrealistic slogan ‘the Arab Spring’: This is the American autumn. This is an effort to destroy the potential for [establishing] an Arab nation and to divide the Arab nation according to the American plans. The time has come for stronger popular unification to deal with these plans. This doesn’t prevent the existence of an internal struggle to strengthen democracy and increase freedom for the nations that sometimes experience abuse and tyranny under various regimes.”

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