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Rare example of PA self-criticism: PA leaders always blame Israel

By PA daily columnist and member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza Yahya Rabah:
“The low pressure system or snow storm that passed over us as it came from Siberia was an extremely tiring and difficult guest…
We belong to a nation that wanders through deserts of words and ascribes all its failures to others. The other for us in Palestine is always willing and able, and it is Israel. This is what several of our authorities did, both in the [West] Bank and Gaza, as the Al-Quds electric company in Ramallah directly accused the state police (the Israeli Police) [parenthesis in source]. This [was done], while in Gaza, the excuse was that Israel had opened its dams with which it confines the water, when water levels rose. This is without doubt a serious crime. However, this isn’t a new crime, since every winter Israel opens its dams, and we in the Gaza Strip drown, without preventing our citizens from building in the flood channels despite our proverb that says: ‘Do not build in a flood channel even after a thousand years of drought.’”

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