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Hamas suicide terrorist in farewell video anticipates wedding to Maidens of Paradise

Hamas, website  |

Mu'min Rajab Abu Hafs, Hamas suicide terrorist: "I dedicate this wedding (i.e., death for Allah) to all of those who have chosen Allah as their goal, the Quran as their constitution and the Prophet [Muhammad] as their role model. Jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine - all of Palestine - from the impurity of the Jews. My dear mother, you who have cared for me, today I sacrifice my life to be your intercessor [on Judgment Day]. Oh my love and soul, wipe your tears, don't be saddened. In the name of Allah, I have achieved all that I've aspired. Don't let me see you sad on the day of my wedding to the Maidens of Paradise." Note: Mu'min Rajab Abu Hafs participated in a bombing in Gaza on July 12, 2004. One soldier was killed in the attack