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Official PA daily: Israel is an "apartheid state" that carries out "ethnic cleansing", a "colonialist" state whose actions "provoke the disgust of all the nations of the world"

Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
“The policies and actions of the Israeli ethnic cleansing state against the manifold aspects of life of the Palestinian people provoke the anger, resentment and disgust of all the nations of the world…
There is no doubt that the various sectors of the Palestinian nation, their Arab brothers and the supporters of peace in the world – including Israelis – must broaden their sphere of activity regarding world opinion, in order to expand the process of boycott and the isolation of the Israeli apartheid state:
(1) In order to force it to stop all the violations that are preventing and obstructing the political settlement.
(2) So that it will fulfill the demands of peace – that is, two states with the June 4, 1967 borders.
(3) To maintain peace in the region and the world.
(4) To save Israel from its racist character and defeat the fascism that is evolving among the Zionists.
(5) To strengthen the character [of Israel as] a state of all its citizens, especially since the Middle-Eastern and African Jewish communities are experiencing historical persecution, and even before them, the Palestinian Arab people, who refused to leave the land of their ancestors and remained rooted in the lands that were left to them after the establishment of the colonialist [state of] Israel in 1948.”

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