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PA daily columnist spreads libel that Jews crucified Jesus

Regular columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman for the official PA daily:
“Today humanity is celebrating the birth of Jesus by conducting mass in churches all over the world in honor of the birth of the messenger of love and peace who was persecuted by the Jews from the first day he raised the banner of the New Testament. When it seemed to them (i.e., the Jews) that they had caught him, they crucified him (see explanation below), and to this very day they persecute him through incessant attacks against the Arab Palestinian people…
Jesus, son of the Palestinian people…
Jesus belongs to all human beings, and he will continue to belong to all Christians from all nations and peoples no matter what community or school of thought they are from. This [is true even though] his Palestinian national identity is undeniable, for he was a son of this land and he laid the foundation for the Canaanite identity (there were Canaanites thousands of years BCE – Ed.) that is the root of Palestinian identity.”

Note: According to classical Islam, Jesus was not actually crucified. The people thought they had crucified him, but in fact Allah had lifted Jesus to heaven, and whoever/whatever the Jews crucified (according to some Islamic sources, it was not a human) was not actually Jesus.

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