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Relatives of terrorists receive university scholarships

PA TV program Palestine this Morning talked to Director of the Al-Quds Open University’s Tulkarem branch Ziyad Al-Tanni about scholarships given by the university to certain groups.
Ziyad Al-Tanni: “There are many scholarships. We can’t mention them all in detail at this time. But there is the Fellowship scholarship. There is the scholarship for a son, daughter and wife of a prisoner and a Martyr (Shahid). There is a scholarship for disabled, a scholarship for political prisoners, the Foundation’s scholarship, the President’s scholarship, the Board of Trustee’s scholarship. We have more than 20 [scholarships.] And the truth is that in the Tulkarem branch, the [total sum of] students’ scholarships amounts to more than 200,000 dinars (approximately 282,000 US dollars) – in the Tulkarem branch. And at the entire university level the [total sum] amounts to more than 3 million dinars (approximately 4.24 million US dollars) a year, and may amount to more than 4 million dinars (5.65 million US dollars) a year.”