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PLO chief negotiator: Israel's "agenda is war and committing crimes against defenseless civilians"

[The first part of the item states that a 3-year-old Palestinian girl was killed and several residents were wounded in an air raid on a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. The air raid was carried out because an Israeli was killed in a shooting attack near the border. The PA blames Israel for the girl’s death and for recent Israeli aggression towards the Gaza Strip.]
 "[Fatah Central Committee member and PLO chief negotiator Saeb] Erekat said in a press statement tonight: ‘We strongly condemn this recent Israeli war crime against Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip, whose purpose was to instigate a bloody escalation. We hold the Israeli government fully responsible for the ramifications of this aggression against defenseless civilians.’ He added: ‘Today, the Israeli government has proven to the whole world that its agenda is war and committing crimes against defenseless civilians – not peace.’
Erekat called on the USA, the EU, Russia, the UN and the Arab countries to act quickly to stop the crimes Israel is committing against the besieged and defenseless residents of the Gaza Strip.”

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