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PLO official: The PA only agreed to negotiations because of international pressure

Headline: “Majdalani: ‘The negotiations were necessary to evade international pressure and to create pressure to stop the settlements.’”
“[Palestinian] Popular Struggle Front Secretary General and PLO Executive Committee Member Ahmed Majdalani said that the [political] leadership’s entering negotiations with the Israeli side was necessary in order to avoid international pressure and to prevent any possibility that responsibility for the failure of the international efforts would be laid on the leadership…
Majdalani said that the option of appealing to the UN’s international agencies and organizations [is still] available at the end of the nine months designated for negotiations. He noted that the American government and the occupation government understand the implications of a Palestinian appeal to international institutions, as there is a congressional resolution according to which [the Americans] will not work with any international institution that the Palestinians will have joined, as happened with UNESCO.”