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The US and Israel are trying to destroy the Arab world

Columnist for official PA daily, Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
“The Egyptian regime’s decision to deem the Muslim Brotherhood ‘a terrorist organization’ did not come suddenly or as a result of a quick and arbitrary response. […]
[Interim Egyptian Prime Minister] Hazem Al-Beblawi’s government’s brave response drew contradictory responses, since the organization’s supporters in Arab and Islamic official and partisan circles announced their ‘condemnation of the decision’; while all moderate official, partisan and popular forces accepted this decision and even said that it came somewhat late. The general Arab tendency, however, welcomed this decision. The US – the Muslim Brotherhood’s ally – opposed the decision because it threatens its scenarios, especially because it still relies on the Brotherhood to play an important role later on, by creating mechanisms that will restore their [the Brotherhood’s] status in the official Arab regimes.
This [opposition is] due to their fear that the Egyptian decision constitutes a general Arab and regional attack among the regimes and nations that is meant to uproot the Brotherhood’s international organization, the capitalist West’s strategic ally and its tool for fragmenting the region’s nations and states. […]
The brave Egyptian decision necessitates uniting the efforts of all nationalists and democrats in the Arab world if they want to maintain the unity of their states and block the way for the US’ and Israel’s efforts and plans of destruction in the Arab region.”