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PA minister: 2013 is “year of medical crimes by Israel against prisoners – prisons are a guillotine for executions”

“[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ [Affairs] Issa Karake said 2013 can clearly be considered the year of medical crimes systematically carried out by Israel against the prisoners in the Israeli prisons. This is evident from the rise in the total [number] of sick prisoners that year from 800 cases of illness to 1,400 and [from the fact that] 25 cancer cases and malignant tumors were identified.
Karake said four Martyrs (Shahids) died in prison in 2013… and that such a number of prisoners dying as Martyrs in a single year is a dangerous precedent, which serves as an indication that the prisons have turned into a guillotine for executions and that medical neglect has become a means of intentionally killing the prisoners.”

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