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PLO official calls terror attacks the right of the Palestinian citizen "to legitimately protect his interests and national rights"

“PLO Executive Committee member and Popular Front political bureau member Tayseer Khaled described the complaint filed by Israel to the UN against the [Palestinian] Authority as impudence, on his Facebook page and Twitter [account].
Khaled said it seems the balance has changed and shifted. Now, since Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ron Prosor filed a complaint to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the International Security Council in which he blamed the PA for the ‘recent increase in terrorist attacks,’ Ban Ki-moon is called to waste no time and the Security Council is requested to act.
The Israeli representative asked the International Security Council to condemn what he described as the Palestinian actions. He [Khaled] continued: ‘Israel does not pledge to refrain from turning to the UN, its apparatuses and institutions, to demand accountability from the Palestinian side for the acts of the Palestinian citizen [living] under occupation and [for] his right to legitimately protect his interests and national rights, while, [by contrast,] the negotiating Palestinian side has pledged to stay away from the UN during the nine months of negotiations.’”