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PA daily op-ed acknowledges Hitler as one of history’s “criminal leaders”

Note: Hitler is often glorified and admired in PA society. However, in this op-ed by Muhammad Ali Taha, Hitler is described as a “criminal leader”:
Op-ed by Muhammad Ali Taha:
Headline: “Waiting for a female president”

     “Kings and presidents have committed physical, economic and social crimes throughout history – from Alexander [the Great] (king of Macedon in ancient Greece) to [US President] George Bush Jr.; from Nebuchadnezzar (king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, c. 605-562 BCE) to Saddam [Hussein], [Iraqi Prime Minister] Al-Maliki and [ruler of Libya Muammar] Gaddafi; from the great Pharaoh to [Egyptian presidents] Mubarak and Morsi. Their history was stained with blood, killing, destruction and trampling [other] nations. Leaders were male, and if a queen or female president happened to come to power someplace or other, then this was an exception. Likewise, the criminal rulers were also male, such as Hulagu (Mongol ruler, 13th century), Al-Hajjaj (governor under the Umayyad caliphate, 661-750 CE), Napoleon and Hitler. To the best of my knowledge, history has not known one female ruler who committed crimes. Men have ruled our Arab world since the caliphs who followed a righteous path and until today. In the twentieth century, kings and generals sat on the seat of power and the Arab world did not know democratic elections, praise Allah, except for the elections that were held in the Palestinian Authority. We have not known even one woman who ran for the presidency of an Arab state, even for appearance’s sake, except for the late Samiha Khalil who ran against Martyr (Shahid) President Yasser Arafat. How can a woman who aspires to be elected president stand out in the shadow of tyrannical, oppressive regimes that do not honor women and do not acknowledge [their] abilities?
How can a state elect a woman to lead it while it forbids her to drive a car? How can a nation allow a woman to head it while most men believe a woman should leave her home only twice during her life – the first time for her husband’s house and the second time for the grave?
How will she be allowed to become president when she is not allowed out of the house without a chaperone? The Arab nation tried kings, presidents, emirs, sultans, generals… and they brought disaster on the nations and made them backward. It didn’t even try for one woman to reach the seat of power in democratic elections and for her to be interested in education, health, culture, the economy and people.”

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