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PA celebrates in home of murderer, promises release of remaining prisoners

In August 2013, Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian terrorists from prison to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing peace talks. The terrorists were released in stages.
Official PA TV’s
Palestine This Morning program broadcasting from Gaza interviewed the Commissioner of Prisoners and Released Prisoners in Fatah's Leadership Council in the southern districts (i.e., the Gaza Strip), released prisoner Tayseer Al-Bardini, about the reception of the third group of prisoners released by Israel on Dec. 30, 2013:
Al-Bardini: “We held a very modest event in the fighter-prisoner’s home, or we should say the [home of the] first Martyrdom-seeker (Istish'had). The first who carried out Martyrdom-seeking operations, the great fighter, brother Abd Al-Hadi Ghneim.
We held the event in prisoner Abd Al-Hadi Ghneim’s home on purpose, because we want to send a message to our heroic prisoners; we are sending a message to our heroic brothers that today, we – a group of released prisoners and a group from the Palestinian leadership, a group of prisoners’ mothers and a group of Fatah youth – celebrated in this home, to tell you (i.e., the remaining prisoners) that you will be released with Allah’s help. Just as Abd Al-Haid Ghneim was released, you too will be released.”

Note: Abd Al-Hadi Ghneim - was serving 16 life sentences for the murder of 16 passengers on a bus in 1989. The victims were killed in the crash when Ghneim attacked the driver, making him drive off the cliff. Ghneim was released in October 2011 as part of the Shalit prisoner exchange deal brokered between the Israeli government and Hamas. In that deal, Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held hostage by Hamas for more than 5 years.