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PA Minister: The release of imprisoned terrorists is Abbas’ greatest achievement

“[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said that the release of the veteran prisoners who were arrested before the Oslo Accords and who spent long years in prison is one of President Mahmoud Abbas’ and the Palestinian leadership’s greatest national and humanitarian achievements of 2013…
Karake spoke during his visit to… the family of (32 year-old) [parenthesis in source] prisoner Mutaz Al-Haimouni who was sentenced to six life sentences and another twenty years.”

Note: Mutaz Al-Haimouni – a Tanzim (Fatah terror faction) terrorist who planned a suicide attack in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda outdoor market in which 6 people were killed (April 12, 2002).
Karake is referring to Israel’s release of 104 Palestinian terrorists, which was the PA's precondition for renewing peace talks. The terrorists were released in stages.The first group of 26 was released on Aug. 13, 2013. The second group of 26 was released on Oct. 30, 2013. The third group of 26 was released on Dec. 30, 2013.

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