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Congratulations from Abbas to “brave” released murderer

“A delegation from the Salfit District – that included District Governor Issam Abu Bakr, regional commander Colonel Riyad Al-Tarsha, Secretary of Fatah's Salfit branch Abd Al-Sattar Awwad, head of the Chamber of Commerce Iyad Al-Hindi, heads of the security forces and of official and non-governmental organizations, heads of the local authorities and several of the district’s national and esteemed figures – visited released prisoner Bilal Damra yesterday [Dec. 31, 2013]. He was released as one of the third group of veteran prisoners [arrested before the signing of the Oslo Accords]…
[District Governor] Abu Bakr conveyed President Mahmoud Abbas’ congratulations and best wishes to prisoner Damra, his family and all residents of the village of Bruqin. He emphasized that it is important to stand beside our brave prisoners.”

Note: Bilal Damra was sentenced to life in prison for participating in the murder of Frederick Rosenfeld, who was killed while hiking near the city of Ariel in the West Bank (June 17, 1989). Damra was released in December 2013 as one of 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations.