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Palestinian girl's family teaches her that Israel has no right to exist

Official Palestinian Authority’s children’s program The Best Home visited Jerusalem and Jaffa.
Little Palestinian girl visiting Jaffa, (part of Tel Aviv):
“My family, our grandfathers, mothers, fathers, always tell us about the cities whose inhabitants were driven out in 1948. They tell us that these cities are where the Palestinians originated. They describe their beauty and their glory, their mosques, their vineyards. They describe for us their olives and [tell us] how everything in them is beautiful. They explain to us that they and the antiquities in them are a symbol of the Palestinian presence, and that this is Palestinian land and not Israeli land. They [Israelis] occupied it, and I want to say to them that if I were to ask a soldier 'What is your homeland?' he wouldn’t say to me 'Palestine.' He would say to me 'Israel.' Excuse me, he would say 'America' or 'Europe.' He leaves his homeland to conquer another homeland?”

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