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Guest on PA TV: "we are accusing the prison administration ‎and the Israeli government of performing ‎experiments on the prisoners‎"

Official PA TV News interviewed Hilmi ‎ ‎Al-Araj, director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) ‎Center, on the released prisoner Na'im Al-‎Shawamreh, who is suffering from ‎muscular dystrophy. ‎
PA TV host: “Mr. Hilmi, I want to ask you ‎specifically about the information you ‎gave us, that [released prisoner Na’im] Al-‎Shawamreh received a type of medicine, ‎which you described as the wrong kind – ‎several media outlets described this ‎mistake as an intentional move on the part ‎of the occupation prison administration; ‎that is, this type of medicine was given to ‎him intentionally, to make it appear, to the ‎media, as if Al-Shawamreh was healthy ‎and able to walk.”‎
Director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) Center ‎Hilmi Al-Araj: “Yes, we are accusing the ‎prison administration and the Israeli ‎government of performing experiments on ‎the prisoners. That is what Israeli ‎Parliament Member and former Health ‎Minister Dalia Itzik made public when she ‎said that over a thousand medical ‎experiments were being carried out on ‎prisoners each year.”‎

Note:‎ This ‎ is not the first time the PA has ‎claimed that former Speaker of Israeli ‎Parliament and MP Dalia Itzik asserted ‎that Israel conducts medical experiments ‎on Palestinian prisoners. Reporting on ‎this libel in 2008, PMW checked with then ‎Israeli-Parliament Speaker Dalia Itzik and ‎the Ministry of Health. The following are ‎their responses:
Office of Israeli Parliament Speaker Dalia ‎Itzik: "[Israeli Parliament] Knesset Speaker ‎Itzik never made the statements attributed ‎to her. Speaker Itzik is certain that ‎incidents of this kind do not occur in Israel; ‎this is not how Israel conducts itself." ‎‎[2007]
Ministry of Health's Response: "Clinical ‎testing on prisoners in prison was never ‎approved, never performed, and is most ‎certainly not taking place at present." ‎‎[2007]‎

Na’im Al-Shawamreh – was arrested on ‎March 14, 1995 for placing the explosive ‎device that killed Yossi Hayoun, a police ‎sapper, while he was defusing the bomb ‎‎(June, 1993). Al-Shawamreh was serving a ‎life sentence but was released in ‎December 2013 as one of the 104 ‎terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to ‎fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing ‎negotiations.‎

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