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PA Mufti: Terrorists "moons that light the skies of Jerusalem ‎and Palestine‎," not murderers

A reception was held in Jerusalem for ‎released Palestinian prisoner Bilal Abu ‎Hussein. The reception was attended by ‎Fatah Central Committee member ‎Othman Abu Gharbieh, District ‎Governor of Jerusalem and PA ‎Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ ‎representative Adnan Al-Husseini and ‎PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein.‎

A sign at the reception indicated that it ‎was a Fatah event.‎

PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein: ‎‎“Netanyahu told the US Secretary of ‎State on the eve of the release of our ‎brave prisoners: ‘Mahmoud Abbas and ‎the highest echelons of the Palestinian ‎leadership are celebrating and ‎welcoming murderers – in their words, of ‎course – do they want peace?’ We say: ‘If ‎only this man [Netanyahu] would call the ‎real murderer a murderer.’ He, his ‎government and his political parties built ‎a shrine for the perpetrator of the foulest ‎massacre in human history, [which took ‎place] in the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave ‎of the Patriarchs) - for [Baruch] Goldstein, ‎the real murderer… (NOTE: This is untrue, ‎see note below).‎
We and the Palestinian leadership -- and ‎when I say ‘we’, I mean the entire ‎Palestinian people – are celebrating, ‎among the highest echelons, the ‎leadership and the nation, the reception ‎of brother Bilal [Abu Hussein] and the ‎stars of Palestine… and we grandly ‎welcome the prisoners because they are ‎the pioneers of our sacrifice and ‎freedom, and are worthy of celebration. ‎We are celebrating in your honor Bilal – ‎‎[you, who are] moons that light the skies ‎of Jerusalem and Palestine. We are ‎celebrating in honor of all the prisoners ‎who have sacrificed their freedom… He ‎who sacrifices for his nation and he who ‎sacrifices for his homeland will remain a ‎hero, remain a leader and remain worthy ‎of being admired by us. [We] welcome all ‎the prisoners [points to Bilal Abu ‎Hussein], our brave prisoners.”‎

Note:‎ Bilal Abu Hussein – was arrested in 1988 ‎for blocking roads and setting a vehicle ‎on fire. While in prison, he and his ‎cellmates murdered a prisoner whom ‎they suspected of collaborating with ‎Israel. He was sentenced to 36 years in ‎prison but was released in December ‎‎2013 as part of the 104 terrorists whom ‎Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's ‎precondition for renewing negotiations.‎

Cave of the Patriarchs massacre - on ‎Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli Baruch Goldstein, a ‎member of an Israeli far-right movement, ‎opened fire on Muslims praying inside the ‎Ibrahimi Mosque at the Cave of the ‎Patriarchs in Hebron, killing 29 and ‎wounding 125.‎
Goldstein’s attack was widely condemned ‎in Israel and by Jewish communities in ‎the diaspora; Israeli Prime Minister ‎Yitzhak Rabin condemned Goldstein’s ‎action, calling it “a loathsome, criminal act ‎of murder” and described Goldstein as “a ‎shame on Zionism and an ‎embarrassment to Judaism.” ‎
In addition to verbal condemnation, the ‎Israeli government took concrete steps to ‎prevent similar attacks from occurring, by ‎imposing administrative detentions on ‎several individuals and revoking their ‎weapons permits, and by designating ‎several extremist movements, including ‎Goldstein’s, as illegal terrorist groups. In ‎‎1998, Israel passed a law outlawing ‎monuments to honor terrorists, and ‎dismantled the memorial to Goldstein ‎which had been erected by his ‎supporters. All of these facts are ignored ‎by the PA Mufti in his speech above.