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Abbas rep congratulates released prisoners at ceremony for retired teachers

‎“The General Teachers’ Union of the ‎Jenin-Qabatiya Educational ‎Administration and the [Fatah Teachers] ‎Movement Branch honored the retired ‎teachers in the Jenin District and the ‎‎[Israeli-Arab] Hadash faction of the ‎Teachers Union within the Green Line. ‎
In addition, during the ceremony, the ‎prisoners released in the three phases [of ‎prisoner releases] were honored for their ‎efforts and sacrifices for education and ‎the learning process, and for the sacrifices ‎and struggle of the Prisoners’ Movement.‎
Speaking on behalf of President ‎Mahmoud Abbas, District Governor of ‎Jenin Talal Dweikat praised the efforts of ‎the teachers in Jenin and within the ‎Green Line, and congratulated the ‎released prisoners. ‎
In the released prisoners’ speech, Nu'man ‎Al-Shalabi expressed appreciation for the ‎national role of Mahmoud Abbas and the ‎entire Palestinian people, and their ‎support of the Prisoners’ Movement, and ‎emphasized that their joy would not be ‎complete until the jails are emptied… ‎
The ceremony included folkloric and ‎cultural presentations, and tribute was ‎paid to 70 teachers, male and female, from ‎the Jenin District and the Hadash faction ‎of the General Teachers’ Union, as well ‎as 14 veteran prisoners.”‎
From WAFA, official PA news agency

‎Nu'man Al-Shalabi murdered Ahmed ‎Zayoud. Together with Ayman Jaradat, he ‎also murdered Israeli citizens Jamil ‎Hassoun and Mufid Ali Kanaan. He was ‎arrested in May 1992 and was serving 3 ‎life sentences when he was released in ‎December 2013 as one of the 104 ‎terrorists whom Israel agreed to release in ‎fulfilment of the PA's precondition for ‎renewing negotiations.‎