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Abbas representative commemorates the “great leader and fighter” Saddam Hussein

“The Jenin District institutions and distinguished figures marked the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Arab-Iraqi army yesterday [Jan. 6, 2014] in a ceremony held in the Iraqi Military Martyrs’ (Shahids) cemetery near the village of Muthallath Al-Shuhada… The ceremony was held in the presence of District Governor, Talal Dweikat… Dweikat said in his speech on behalf of the President [Abbas]: ‘We stand today in this place, and a special feeling takes hold of us as we stand amongst the fifty graves of these heroes who fell as Martyrs on Jenin’s soil while protecting our Arab causes from the invaders.’
He added: ‘The brave Iraqi army Martyrs sacrificed their lives for Palestine, which they came to protect. They fell in battles of valor against the abusive occupation…’
Dweikat added: ‘Today we remember the great leader and fighter, Martyr Saddam Hussein, who cared for the Palestinian issue until his last breath. On this day, we must mention the name of Saddam, who founded and developed the Iraqi army organization.
We came today to lay a wreath out of loyalty, President Mahmoud Abbas’ loyalty to our Arab nation and to those who sacrificed and struggled, among them these Iraqi soldiers.’”