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Abbas spokesman accuses Israel of “falsifying history” and erasing Palestinian memory

     “Official spokesperson for the President [Abbas], Nabil Abu Rudeina said that the campaign of lies, which was carried out by the Israeli government at its meeting two days ago [Jan. 5, 2014], against our people, its National Authority and institutions, is dangerous and unacceptable. He demanded that the American government activate the Palestinian-American-Israeli tripartite [anti-incitement] committee to respond to these claims.
Abu Rudeina said: ‘The campaign [of lies] that the Israeli Prime Minister and [Israeli] ministers have joined, of accusing our people and its leadership of incitement, exposes the [Israeli] intentions to renounce the peace process and maintain the unchanging policy that cannot survive outside the swamp of occupation, settlement, ongoing abuse of our people, putting thousands of its sons in prisons and detention centers, seizing its property, demolishing its homes and displacing it.’
He added: ‘The Israeli government is not satisfied with falsifying history but [also] asks the Palestinian people, its leadership and institutions to succumb to one of the greatest acts of falsification in history, to conceal the truth, to falsify its national awareness and erase its memory, that memory, which we inherited and which we will bequeath to our children, generation after generation.’”