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Schoolchildren attending strike for prisoners exchange "roses, sweets and ululations‎"

‎“In an atmosphere of joy, with roses, ‎sweets and ululations, the families of the ‎prisoners and the released prisoners took ‎part in the weekly sit-in strike at the ‎International Committee of the Red Cross ‎‎[ICRC] headquarters in Gaza yesterday ‎‎[Jan. 6, 2014]. [The strike] was rendered ‎unique by the widespread participation of ‎a large number of schoolchildren, who ‎took advantage of their school holiday to ‎express their solidarity with the prisoners ‎and to participate in the rally honoring the ‎prisoners released in the [third] phase of ‎veteran prisoner releases…‎
At the end of the rally, the Prisoners’ ‎Council of the National and Islamic ‎Forces and the Fatah Movement awarded ‎plaques [of honor] to released prisoners ‎Rami Barbakh, Muhammad Salman and ‎Ibrahim Abu Ali.”‎

Rami ‎ Barbakh – was serving a life ‎sentence for the murder of Yossi Zandani ‎in the Israeli town of Bnei Ayish on March ‎‎30, 1994; he was released in Dec. 2013 as ‎one of 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to ‎release to fulfill the PA's precondition for ‎renewing negotiations.‎
Muhammad Salman – was serving a life ‎sentence for strangling Shai Shuker to ‎death in an orchard near the Arab-Israeli ‎town of Tira on Feb. 9, 1994. He was ‎released in Dec. 2013 as one of 104 ‎terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to ‎fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing ‎negotiations.‎
Ibrahim Abu Ali – was serving a life ‎sentence for the murder of Roni Levi on ‎Dec. 29, 1990; he was released in Dec. ‎‎2013 as one of 104 terrorists whom Israel ‎agreed to release to fulfill the PA's ‎precondition for renewing negotiations.‎