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Palestinian activists prevent conference promoting Israeli-Palestinian coexistence

The PA uses the term "normalization" to refer to any joint activity, project, or program between Israelis and Palestinians. The PA frequently rejects "normalization" with Israel, whether in sports competitions, at cultural events, at conferences, etc.
Headline: “Held by Israeli Minds of Peace organization and Palestinians – Jerusalem residents succeed in stopping a ‘normalization conference’ at the Ambassador Hotel”
     “Yesterday [Jan. 10, 2014], activists from Jerusalem succeeded in stopping a normalization conference that was held by an Israeli NGO at the Ambassador Hotel in occupied Jerusalem. They burst into the conference hall, yelling and calling out outraged cries against normalization with the Israelis due to the continuance of the occupation.

An activist from Jerusalem said: ‘The young people managed to interrupt the program of the meeting, which was attended by Israelis and Palestinians [and] organized by the Israeli Minds of Peace organization, titled ‘Ordinary Citizens Make History.’ They were all forced to leave the hall and vacate the hotel following verbal confrontations.’

It should be noted that on its internet site, the Minds of Peace organization announced a conference for ‘Palestinian-Israeli negotiations,’ this January 9 and 10, titled ‘Ordinary People Make History.’

He [the activist] described it as an event that would enable the Palestinian delegation and the Israeli delegation to meet in order to ‘hold negotiations to end the conflict and reach a peace treaty.’

A review of documents published by the organization that summarized previous conferences shows that another normalization meeting had been held in Tel Aviv this past December 28 and 29 [2013]. It is noted in this meeting’s concluding document that Palestinian refugees are ‘those who lost their property in 1948 and are in difficult humanitarian conditions in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza.’ This means that the right of return would be invalidated by the statute of limitations, since this definition does not include the children and grandchildren of those who ‘lost their property.’ In addition, the document proposes compensating some of the refugees if their return to Palestine is not made possible.

Regarding occupied Jerusalem, the document says that ‘East Jerusalem’ will be transferred to Palestinian control, while ‘West Jerusalem’ will remain under Israeli control, as will what are referred to as ‘the Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem,’ which will be exchanged with the Palestinians for other territories.
What is even more laughable about the document is the call to teach Palestinian children the Hebrew language and what is referred to as ‘Jewish heritage.'”

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