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Official PA daily describes Israeli settlers movement as "Shylockian": "To obtain short-term gains, it sanctions ‎‎[the shedding of] all blood”‎

“The Israeli leadership, represented by ‎Netanyahu and his allies in the coalition, ‎is a leadership that is not fit to [make] the ‎big decisions about peace; [it is a ‎leadership] that hides completely behind ‎the rioting of the herds of settlers. This ‎‎[occurs] while it [the leadership] is well ‎aware that the settler movement in Israel ‎has nothing to do with morality or strategic ‎interests - on the contrary, it is a ‎Shylockian movement, quite similar to the ‎character of Shylock, the hero of ‎Shakespeare’s play. To obtain short-term ‎gains, it sanctions [the shedding of] all ‎blood.”‎