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Official PA daily op-ed likens Zionism to the "tyranny" of Egyptian and Syrian regimes

Op-ed by regular columnist Muwaffaq Matar:
 “We can say that the Arab brothers have entered the most difficult phase of the revolution – we could even call it the second revolution. The revolution of the Egyptian people on July 30 of last year [2013] raised hopes and faith in the ability of the new Arab generation to liberate itself from the [various] forms of tyranny and ideological and material terror adopted by the Islamic movements as a method for the takeover of power and for the creation of regimes worse than those which preceded them. Today, the revolution of the Syrian people against what is referred to as the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIS) [parentheses in source] is inspiring optimism and confidence [in the sense] that the Arab nations understand its aims and are alert to the attacks of the Arab revolution stealers…
This part of the Arab homeland, in this cultural region of the world, will not capitulate to an exploiting criminal even if the night of his reign is prolonged, and we in Palestine have an expression: ‘The Zionist project will be defeated slowly’, and this project was a breeding ground for all the projects that have sought to destroy nationalism with the ax of religion.”

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