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PA daily: ‎‎“Israel is using the Jews in order to ignite a new Holocaust against them”‎

Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
     ‎“Historic Palestine is the land of the ‎Palestinian Arab nation and bears its ‎narrative, culture, and identity. No one, ‎whatever his power, can sever the bond of ‎affinity, proximity and history between the ‎Palestinians and the land of their ‎forefathers. The only narrative consistent ‎with historic Palestine is the Palestinian ‎narrative, and any other narrative is ‎nothing more than a fabrication meant to ‎justify a colonial occupation that expels ‎‎[the original inhabitants] and settles ‎‎[others in their place]. Therefore, all the ‎claims of the leaders of the Zionist ‎movement, from Herzl to Netanyahu and ‎everyone in between, are false, and have ‎no connection to the truth… ‎
Proponents of the Zionist movement are ‎pumping up these lies through their ‎internationally influential media outlets, ‎which are supported in an unprecedented ‎way by the imperialist West, in order to ‎disseminate them and to brainwash the ‎Jews, who have been deceived, to realize ‎‎[their] colonial objectives in the region. ‎This [is being done] because the State of ‎Israel (Note: the Palestinian media ‎generally avoids using this term) was a ‎front line and support base for the ‎capitalist powers… and its purpose was ‎the partitioning of the Arab region and the ‎theft of its resources, to prevent the ‎awakening of the Arab nation and to serve ‎as a way out of the distress of the Jewish ‎question within the given time frame.‎
This conflict was never a religious conflict, ‎and never will be. This is because Israel is ‎using the Jews in order to ignite a new ‎Holocaust against them – not to protect ‎them or their interests – and to embroil ‎them in a war with the Palestinian Arab ‎nation and with the peoples of the Arab ‎nation, even though a central part of the ‎Jews with Israeli citizenship are Arabs – ‎residents of the various Arab nations, ‎including Palestine itself.”‎