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PA minister attends tribute to released stabber

‎“[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ [Affairs] Issa ‎Karake said that the Israeli government ‎has been carrying out organized crimes ‎against the prisoners and is using them as ‎a means to take revenge on the ‎Palestinian people and its leadership, and ‎as a tool of provocation…‎
Karake said the Israeli government has ‎been exploiting the prisoners financially, ‎carrying out political provocation and ‎putting pressure on the [Palestinian] ‎leadership by revoking the prisoners’ ‎rights and increasing the severity of the ‎‎[disciplinary] measures used against them ‎‎– all of which necessitates strict ‎enforcement of what goes on behind the ‎bars. Karake made his statements while ‎visiting the prisoners released in the third ‎phase [of prisoner releases], Mahmoud ‎Da'ajneh and Ahmed ‎ Khalaf, who ‎served over 20 years in prison in the ‎Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem.”‎
Photo: [PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs ‎Issa] Karake during the tribute given to ‎released prisoner Mahmoud Da’ajneh.‎

Mahmoud Da'ajneh participated in the ‎murder of Sarah Sharon, who was stabbed ‎to death in Holon on Jan. 20, 1993. He was ‎serving a life sentence, but was released in ‎Dec. 2013 as one of 104 terrorists whom ‎Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's ‎precondition for renewing negotiations.‎

Ahmed Khalaf was serving a sentence of ‎‎21 years for aggravated assault, but was ‎released in Dec. 2013 as one of 104 ‎terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to ‎fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing ‎negotiations.‎