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Israeli-Arab on PA TV: Jaffa, Haifa, Acre are Palestinian; “We want a single-state solution”

Official PA TV’s A View from Inside program discussed the suggestion of a population exchange where areas of present day Israel populated predominantly by Arabs would become part of the Palestinian state once an agreement is reached, while areas populated predominantly by Jews in the West Bank would remain Israeli. The question was raised why Israeli Arabs oppose such a plan. Guests on the program included University Lecturer Yusuf Jabarin and Raja Aghbariyya representing “Children of the Land” on the Supreme Council of the Arab Community in the Palestinian Interior (i.e., the State of Israel). This is an independent organization made up of Israeli Arabs who consider themselves Palestinians.
Raja Aghbariyya: “The idea of a population exchange with the settlers is unacceptable… Now you know, we as Children of the Land, I want the borders of Palestine to reach the Mediterranean Sea; I want all of Palestine. This is my land. Jaffa is Palestinian land; Haifa is Palestinian land; Acre is Palestinian land, and you can keep going up. We want a single-state solution.”