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The Commentator quotes PMW documentation of PA incitement

Palestinians relentlessly promote violence amid peace talks

Peace talks look ever more fragile as Palestinian TV and Mahmoud Abbas promote violence against Israel, leaving US Secretary of State Kerry's chances of brokering a successful outcome less likely by the day.

In yet another blow to the already fragile peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has revealed more devestating [sic] news about top Palestinian media and leadership promoting violence and Jihad.

On Thursday, PMW said:

"A song promoting violence was performed at a recent Palestinian Authority event under the auspices of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and in the presence of the PA Minister of Culture. The song demands "pull the trigger... redeem Jerusalem, Nablus and the country".

PMW went on to quote the words of the song as saying:

"The orchard has called us to struggle. We replaced bracelets with weapons. We attacked the despicable [Zionists]."

This revelation comes a day after PMW reported PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash, in front of an applauding PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, as saying Syrian Jihadists should ditch Syria and bring terror to Israel:

"Whoever wants resistance, whoever wants Jihad, the direction for Jihad is well-known and clear... Those who send young people to Syria or elsewhere to die for a misdirected cause must stop and understand that Jerusalem is still waiting. Jerusalem is the direction, Jerusalem is the address."

Such matters are well known to Western news outlets such as the BBC and CNN, but are never reported for fear of showing the Palestinians in a bad, though accurate, light.