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PA official: Stone Intifada was “peaceful popular resistance" that should be renewed and "expanded"

Headline: “Al-Damiri called to expand the base for popular resistance and to draw inspiration from the first Intifada.”
“Adnan Al-Damiri, General Political Commissioner and Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces, met with the elected executive council of the An-Najah National University youth... Al-Damiri spoke of the importance of bolstering peaceful popular resistance in the confrontation with the occupation, settler droves and attempted attacks on Palestinian people and land. He noted that the Palestinian people has done wonders by carrying out peaceful popular resistance throughout the history of its modern revolution, and has been brilliantly successful in this. The greatest example of this is the ‘Children of the Stones’ Intifada (i.e., the first Palestinian wave of violence against Israel, 1988-1993) that exposed the occupation’s shame to the world and showed the savagery of the Israeli army when confronting the children of Palestine who were using songs, shouts and stones in their struggle. Al-Damiri said that peaceful popular resistance should be organized and expanded in new and clever ways."