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Official PA daily: Israel and the US conspired to get rid of Arafat, now they target Abbas

Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
‎“The crazy battle against President ‎Mahmoud Abbas is nothing new, but ‎operates according to a systematic plan ‎targeting all leaders who believe in peace. ‎This is because Israel is not interested in ‎the existence of rational Palestinian ‎leaders; rather, [Israel] wants demagogical ‎leaders it can continue to hide behind, to ‎enable it to shirk from the commitments of ‎the political settlement and to carry out its ‎plans for the destruction of the national ‎cause.‎
This is why, during the term of [former Israeli ‎Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon, it resorted to ‎getting rid of the leader and symbol Yasser ‎Arafat, using excuses lacking any ‎foundation. Unfortunately, the [George W.] ‎Bush administration conspired with the ‎Israeli government from the moment it ‎assumed power, and the coordination ‎between them merely strengthened after the ‎attack on the [Twin] Towers in September ‎‎2001. They loudly praised and lauded ‎President Mahmoud Abbas’ taking office in ‎‎2005, but when the head of the PLO held ‎fast to the national plan, the Arab Peace ‎Initiative, the legitimate international ‎decisions, the US Road Map and the ‎Annapolis decisions, they started laying ‘the ‎blame’ on him, saying he wasn’t ‘a partner ‎for peace’ and even described him as ‘more ‎dangerous’ than Arafat.”‎