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Fatah official calls on EU to impose sanctions on Israel in sporting competitions

‎“[Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central ‎Committee Jibril Rajoub:] ‘We are currently ‎in touch with European NGOs to generate ‎awareness regarding the conditions and ‎challenges Palestinian sports are facing ‎because of the Israeli siege. We demand ‎international activity against Israel, and ‎demand that the EU [sic] (should be ‎EUFA) freeze any championship hosting ‎the Zionist entity state, towards freezing ‎any Israeli activity in Europe, unless it ‎‎[Israel] agrees to honor the conventions ‎and agreements… Either [President of ‎FIFA Sepp] Blatter will put an end to Israeli ‎violations through the FIFA ‎ Task Force ‎committee during its meeting, which will ‎convene in Zurich on Feb. 3 [2014], or we ‎will demand that sanctions be imposed on ‎Israel.’”‎