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PA daily: Palestinian incitement against Israelis is equivalent to Israel calling Palestinian prisoners "murderers"

By Muhammad Ali Taha
“Israel’s leaders are in a difficult position at this stage of the negotiations and Kerry’s rounds, and are looking for a way to torpedo the negotiations and lay the blame on the Palestinians, and their extraordinary genius has led them to the topic of Palestinian incitement against Israel, to which Netanyahu dedicated two full hours in his cabinet meeting of January 5, 2014. Similarly, Strategic [and Intelligence] Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, who is very close to him [Netanyahu], is not dealing with anything these days other than Palestinian incitement. He is roaming the world, meeting with diplomats and media outlets to talk about it, and Israeli TV has broadcast numerous times a clip of a little Palestinian girl speaking at some event where she calls the Jews ‘sons of apes and pigs’. There is no doubt that members of the Arab and Palestinian nation denounce this description and condemn it, since it is at odds with the humanism of Arab culture and the Christian and Islamic religions.
Netanyahu and Steinitz are forgetting, or are pretending to forget, Israeli incitement against the Palestinian people, which was and still is controlled by Israeli political and military leaders… The Israeli media and Israeli leaders describe Palestinian prisoners as murderers, criminals, and monsters as part of an extensive media campaign to demonize Palestinians – which reminds me of something else I am entitled to ask them: ‘Were the people who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem angels from Mars?’”