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PA TV song glorifies killing Palestinian "collaborators": "How beautiful, the sword-blow to the collaborators"

PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home about the wedding of released prisoner Ziyad Mahmoud Ghneimat.

Song sung at wedding:
“Bridegroom, we have reached the house.
Compose yourself and don’t collapse.
How beautiful, the sword-blow to the collaborators, when the eye[s of all] can see.
How beautiful, the knife-stab to the collaborators, when the blood flows.
I will guard the door of the house until the chief’s daughter emerges.”

Note: Ziyad Mahmoud Ghneimat - was serving a life sentence for shooting and murdering two Israeli citizens, Meir Ben Yair and Michal Cohen, in a forest on June 27, 1985. He was released in October 2013, as part of the 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA’s precondition for renewing negotiations.
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