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JPost editorial on Holocaust remembrance cites PMW material as examples of Antisemitism today

‘Never again’ imperatives

An editorial published on International Holocaust Remembrance Day urges taking a stand against Antisemitism and working actively to prevent similar crimes of violence and prejudice against others.  Below is an excerpt.

Anti-Jewish sentiment is strong in the Middle East as well, including among Palestinians. Even high-ranking figures in the Palestinian Authority, with whom Israel is conducting peace negotiations, have made declarations that reveal either a total lack of understanding of the Holocaust or an intentional desire to distort its memory.

As Palestinian Media Watch has shown, school history books and media sources regularly omit the fact that Jews were systematically murdered during World War II. Some Palestinian leaders have compared Israeli control over Palestinian populations on the West Bank to Nazi treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. Purposely ignoring the atrocities committed against the Jews during the Holocaust or belittling them are often calculated attempts to undermine the moral legitimacy of the Jewish state.