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Sheikh on PA TV: "Islam calls for Jihad and to seek Martyrdom death"

Official PA TV program Personal Encounter hosted Sheikh Jamal Khattab Deputy Head of the Islamic Jihadist Movement from the Ain Al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon.
The movement was founded in the 1970s and participated in the Palestinian struggle.

Sheikh Jamal Khattab: “The Islamic [Jihadist] Movement fulfilled this role [in light of its] Islamic background. The source is that Islam calls for Jihad and to seek Martyrdom death (Istish'had) and to liberate the land. Most of the Palestinian people are Muslim by nature. Even those who weren’t in Islamic organizations come from a religious morality. Even Fatah’s first declaration was ‘Out of our faith in holy Jihad.’ Therefore we took on this role at that time so as to fulfill the Islamic reality of the period, because everyone was asking what the Muslims’ role in liberating Palestine was.”

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