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PA TV: Tzipi Livni murdered nuclear scientist

PA TV host:[Tzipi] Livni, the Israeli Minister of Justice, the head of the Israeli negotiating team, threatened President Abbas and said that if he continues to refuse to recognize the Jewish state and adheres to his positions, which are unacceptable in Israel and the world, he will pay the price. What price is Livni talking about?
 Muhammad Abu Saada: "First of all, I would like to say on your respectable program, that Livni is a [Israeli Intelligence Service] Mossad officer with the rank of Minister... These threats must be taken seriously... Based on Livni's mentality and on an analysis of Livni's personality, could she do something foolish? And could her threat be carried out? The answer is yes. Why? First of all, Livni comes from a family that is extremely far-right... I want to remind the so-called 'Minister' Livni: Livni, the French government issued a warrant for your arrest in 1983. Why? Because at the time, Livni was a Mossad officer working as a maid in the home of an Iraqi nuclear scientist and she poisoned him to death... Livni, in legal terminology, is a criminal. She has a criminal record. She is a murderer. She committed murder in 1983 and Britain issued a warrant for her arrest in 2009. That being the case, Livni's personality has a criminal mentality of direct murder. Therefore, we must understand this [threat] on the personal level. Regarding the price, we're talking about two things. Either the price is President Mahmoud Abbas' life - this is one price." 
PA TV host: "Like what happened to the late Yasser Arafat." 
Muhammad Abu Saada: "Of course. And the second price is the possibility that the foundations and rule of Palestine headed by the President, will be destroyed, in the political sense."
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