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PA condemns the Holocaust, but includes it alongside "the Israeli occupation regime" as one of "several chapters of catastrophic evil in human history"

This is a rare and positive example of the PA acknowledging and condemning the Holocaust and its targeting of Jews. However, the PA subsequently compares “the Israeli occupation regime” to Nazi conduct during the Holocaust, listing both as examples of “catastrophic evil in human history”:
: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the crime of the Holocaust”
“On [International] Holocaust Remembrance Day, the [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the acts of massacre that were committed primarily against Jews, as well as against other minorities, which are among the most serious crimes perpetrated by man against humanity. [The Ministry added that these crimes had been perpetrated] in a way incomprehensible and unimaginable to a free person, as part of a process of ethnic cleansing and genocide that will remain a mark of shame upon humanity’s forehead forever.
In a public announcement yesterday [Jan. 29, 2014], the [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that there have been several chapters of catastrophic evil in human history that must be confronted and prevented from recurring… among them are the apartheid regime that blatantly dominated South Africa; the Israeli occupation regime and the domination of another nation, as in the case of the Palestinian nation, whose land expropriated, who was forcefully expelled from it, and who was robbed of land, freedom and honor.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the UN, its organizations and on all nations and specifically the permanent members of the Security Council, to take measures to protect humanity from these crimes’ recurrence and save it from them now, and hunt down the perpetrators [of such crimes.]”