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Palestinian delegation warns of Israel’s plan to “destroy” Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the “alleged Temple in its place”

“A delegation from Jerusalem, headed by Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, the Al-Aqsa Mosque preacher and Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council, had a meeting yesterday [Jan. 30, 2014] -- attended by Ambassador of the State of Palestine [to Qatar] Munir Ghannam -- with [Qatari] Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Ghaith Bin Mubarak Al-Kuwari. The delegation updated him on recent events in Jerusalem, specifically on the frantic efforts to assault the Al-Aqsa Mosque and make it difficult for Palestinians to reach it, as well as [updated him] on plans -- both disclosed and undisclosed -- to destroy it and build the alleged Temple in its place.”

Note: The PA considers any presence of Jews on the Temple Mount an "assault." However, all visitors are subject to rigorous checks by Israeli security personnel before being granted access to the Temple Mount.