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Minister of Religious Affairs: We are prepared to give our life and blood for Palestine

Official PA TV Live  |
"[Our homeland] has given us a divine testimony; Palestine endowed us with this testimony when the Prophet, peace be upon Him, said: ’A group from among my nation will continue to recognize the truth, will defeat its enemies, and will not be harmed by those who opposed it or by the troubles that may afflict it, until Allah gives His ruling. It has been said, ‘Where are they, Messenger of Allah?’ He said, ‘They are in Jerusalem and its surroundings.’ This land has given us this honor, and therefore, we are prepared to give it the most precious of our possessions - even [our] life and blood, so that it will remain pure, so that it will remain honorable and noble. The State of Palestine will exist, and the occupation is doomed to perdition."