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PA chief negotiator: Palestinians lived in Jericho 3,000 years before Jews arrived

“Palestinian [chief negotiator] Dr. Saeb Erekat told Israeli [MP and negotiator] Tzipi Livni: ‘My Canaanite family lived in Jericho 3,000 years before the people of Israel came to the city, led by Joshua Bin Nun.’…
[PA] chief negotiator and Palestinian fighter Erekat, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, said this to Livni at the Security Conference in Munich, Germany.
At the same time, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, a member of the Central Committee of that same liberation movement conducting the peaceful popular resistance in Palestine (i.e., Fatah), explained what Jesus, the messenger of love and peace, meant when he said ‘salt of the earth’: [standing] beside the holy stones of the homes in the village of Ein Hijleh in the Jordan Valley, [Al-Aloul] said: ‘The Jordan Valley is Palestinian and the village of Ein Hijleh is [on] the land of the Deir Hijleh church, and was originally a Palestinian Canaanite village on the route connecting the Dead Sea to Beit Shean.”

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