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Israel is responsible for “cold-blooded assassination” of PA citizen

“The [PA] government has condemned the occupation forces’ cold-blooded assassination of citizen Muhammad Mahmoud Mubarak of the Jalazone refugee camp, - yet another in a series of crimes Israel does not cease to perpetrate. [The government has said that] it [Israel] cannot be deterred unless accounts are settled with it for its actions, and a boycott and sanctions are imposed on it…
The government has praised the decision of two of the largest banks in Sweden and Denmark to boycott three Israeli banks because of their operations in the settlements and their violation of international law and European Union decisions.
The government has expressed its appreciation of the efforts of solidarity committees worldwide to encourage boycotting and sanctioning Israel. It emphasized that the only way to deter Israel is by forcing it to respect the principles of international law and by ceasing to treat it as if it were a country above the law.”

Note: Muhammad Mahmoud Mubarak – opened fire at an Israeli army position on Jan. 29, 2014 and was killed in the ensuing exchange of fire with Israeli forces.

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