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Fatah official: We value life, but we also value dying for our homeland

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning broadcast a report on the national mass wedding in Gaza. The PA organizes mass weddings once a year to help young people who don't have the means to hold a wedding celebration on their own.
The program hosted Fatah Central Committee member Amal Hamad.

The TV host explains that this event proves that “our nation loves life, and we have proven this to the entire world.”
Fatah Central Committee member Amal Hamad: “You know what the problem is – the problem is that Israel has always tried to sell the idea that we love death, that we are always on our way to die as Martyrs (Shahids), because for us, life has no value. No – life does have value for us; if we die as Martyrs, it is only to protect the homeland, and we consider that a noble national message that we must fulfill: the moment we go to die as Martyrs and joyfully accompany the Martyrs’ procession, we return afterwards and joyfully accompany the wedding procession – therefore, this message, which the occupation has labored to actualize and propagate to the world, is not true at all: we oppose and fight and stand up to the occupation, [while] trying to protect our heritage, land, homeland and identity – and at the same time, we are happy.”