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PA allocates an additional $46 million for terrorists in 2014

     "[PA] Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake said that it has been decided that the budget for the fifth regulation [of the Prisoners' Law] approved by the government will be set this coming April [2014]. [The fifth regulation] completes the remaining implementing regulations of the Prisoners' Law, and is concerned with improving conditions for released [prisoners]. This will be done as an appendix to the [general] budget, so its implementation will begin this year and [apply] retroactively.
Karake noted that the government has acknowledged the importance of the regulation and the need to implement it according to the rules. However, due to the large budget deficit and the PA's financial situation, establishing the budget, which has been estimated at 160 million shekels a year, has been postponed until April. [He added that] a ministerial committee has been appointed to prepare the appendix to the budget.
Karake emphasized that this regulation will contribute considerably to solving many problems that prisoners face after their release and that it is part of the regulations and laws for all services for the prisoners, in a just and transparent manner, and in accordance with the law. Likewise, he noted that the government has made the prisoners' issue one of its priorities and is investing all its efforts in easing their suffering given what is available (i.e., availability of funds).
Karake thanked the President [Abbas] and the Prime Minister [Hamdallah] for their great efforts and for their [accepting] responsibility for the prisoners' cause, whether at a political or social level, or at the livelihood level. On another matter, Karake said that the government has approved a regulation for exempting released prisoners who have served more than 20 years in occupation prisons from paying customs duty, as well as a regulation for covering the costs of fertility [treatments] for released prisoners who are suffering from fertility problems. This [will be done] in cooperation with the Ministry of Health."
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