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PA daily blames “the Israeli and American forces of evil” for internal fighting in Lebanon

“Anyone who goes back to the war (between Fatah al-Islam and the Syrian army) of the Nahr Al Bared refugee camp (near Tripoli, Lebanon) in May of 2007, whose after-effects can still [be felt], and [examines] its goals, will understand that the purpose of that insane war was to liquidate the refugee camp and expel its residents. These aims, however, were not fully achieved. This compelled the Israeli and American forces of evil, as well as the Arabs who follow them, to redo [now] the scenario using old-new means: the Takfir organizations (i.e., those defining other Muslims as unbelievers) falsely claim to want to protect the refugee camps, Jerusalem and the Islamic holy sites, by attacking Hezbollah and Syria…
Yet the refugee camps, the holy sites, Palestine and the Islamic religion have nothing to do with these organizations…
Furthermore, there are additional goals still on the agenda, including the establishment of a US military base in the village of Kleiat near Tripoli, close to the Syrian-Lebanese border, and maintaining the security of Israel.”