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Mother of terrorist on PA TV: "If only I could give birth each day to a boy ‎who would become a Martyr‎"

PA TV program For You broadcast a ‎meeting with families of Jordanian ‎prisoners in Amman.‎
PA TV Host: “Knowing that your son ‎received 11 life sentences – as a mother, ‎how do you view these 11 life sentences? ‎Is there still hope in your heart?”‎
Mar’i Abu Sa’ida’s Mother: “Of course. ‎There is great hope in my heart. Israel ‎won’t exist forever, my son. ‘Israel,’ in ‎quotation marks. Perhaps this evening, ‎perhaps now. Allah created Israel, and He ‎will destroy it according to His will.”‎
Brother of Abdallah Abu-Jaber: “I tell him, ‎Abdallah: Before she died, your mother ‎said: ‘If only I could give birth each day to ‎a boy who would become a Martyr ‎‎(Shahid) of the Martyrs of Palestine”‎

Mar’i Abu Sa’ida is serving 11 life ‎sentences. He was a member of a Hamas ‎terror cell responsible for several terror ‎attacks, including a suicide bombing at the ‎Tzrifin bus stop (9 killed, 14 wounded, ‎Sept. 9, 2003), a suicide bombing at the ‎Hillel Café in Jerusalem (7 killed, over 50 ‎wounded, Sept. 9, 2003) and a bombing at ‎a bus stop in Tel Aviv (1 killed, 24 ‎wounded, July 11, 2004).‎

Abdallah Abu Jaber – serving a 20-year ‎sentence for placing a bomb on a bus in ‎Tel Aviv on Dec. 28, 2000, wounding 14 ‎people.‎