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Antisemitic article: Protocols of the Elders of Zion is true, Jews have "gained world domination"

From an article by Abd Al-Halim Abu Hajjaj:
     "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - the swindlers of Zion - have revealed their schemes to subjugate the nations and gain control of the world. They are planning means to take over the reins of world politics, by spreading organized destruction throughout the countries and by corrupting people through the seizure of the banking system, the goldsmith profession and the control of capital, natural resources and the workforce, as well as by taking control of the media and the arts, and channeling them to serve their goals and realize their aims.
These protocols had been kept top secret... but fate willed them to be discovered in 1785 (sic, correct date is 1903)... and together with them, the intentions, schemes and methods of the invisible hands of the Jewish illuminati who loan with interest (the members of the Jewish Masons). The leaders of the Jewish Masons organizations have woven schemes and planned the frameworks for the takeovers and revolutions by embezzling the nations and taking power over them using the capital that is in their exclusive possession...
They began to set the stage and [prepare] the conditions necessary for the outbreak of the French Revolution, and trained the people for the perpetration of violent acts and destructive riots throughout France... Then came the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, in 1917, which was planned by the Jewish illuminati, who molded the atheistic, materialistic way of thinking, and ordered Karl Marx, in 1848, to write the Communist Manifesto under the supervision of the Jewish Freemasons...
The Jewish Masons have achieved their aims: They have gained world domination through their monopoly of the banking system, their control of the gold [trade], natural and industrial resources, water and food, as well as by destroying the economies of countries [to ensure] that they remain under their control and in need of them - of their grain and money, which their governments take from them as long-term loans with exorbitant compound interest, which they cannot repay...
They have succeeded in creating new states at the expense of stable ones, by partitioning and drawing new international borders, through armed military invasion, the theft of native lands and the expulsion of their residents - as in the case of Palestine and its residents - or through civil wars and the overthrow of corrupt leaders - all this with the aim of keeping the countries in a circle of violence and schism, and in a whirlpool of struggle for power.
Allow me to confine myself to [quoting] only a few paragraphs from the first Protocol, to allow you to examine and understand the satanic ideology of the swindlers of Zion and to see how what is called 'autonomy' is [really] one of their ways to trap the spirit of freedom...
In the first Protocol, they say:... 'If you give any nation autonomy for a limited period of time, anarchy and disorder will soon befall it. From that moment on, the bitterness and struggle will grow among the groups and the masses, and the conflicts will intensify, leading to the outbreak of class wars. The nation will become divided internally, and multiple struggles will ensue. Within all this unrest and disagreement, the flames will ignite, and burn the governments to ashes...They will be unable to raise themselves up and extract themselves from their complications, and that will be our moment of opportunity, when they fall into our hands. Then the rule of capital will assume its role, and all the capital is in our hands. The rule of capital will be ready and will offer these new, unstable governments a hidden lifeline. They will have no choice but to take hold of it, whether willfully or out of constraint, because of their financial duress. If they do so, they will fall to the bottom, and if they don't - they will necessarily sink to the depths.' This is the text [of the First Protocol].
This is the Zionist scenario implemented on the Palestinian people in the framework of autonomy in Gaza and the West Bank..."

Note: The
Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an Antisemitic forgery describing how Jews allegedly plan to subjugate the world under Jewish rule. It was published in Russia in 1903 and translated into multiple languages. In 1921, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was exposed as a false document.