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Official PA daily uses non-recognition terminology: "the '48 areas"

“Members of our refugee nation in the ’48 areas (i.e., Israel) have sent a letter to President Mahmoud Abbas, which Al-Hayat Al-Jadida received a copy of, in which they declare their solidarity with him in view of the Israeli and American pressures [being put on him]…
The signees addressed the President as follows: ‘We the displaced, who number over three hundred thousand, decided to adhere to our rights of return during the first conference, held in 1995, and not to accept any alternative, whether compensation, substitute or [re]settlement. Furthermore, we decided at our second conference, held in 2000, to refuse any settlement between the PLO and Israel that would harm our legitimate rights of return, and said that any agreement denying our right of return, explicitly or implicitly, is fundamentally null and void.’

It should be noted that hundreds of thousands of our people in the areas occupied in ’48 were expelled from their villages and their lands were expropriated but they are not recognized as refugees.”