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PA minister: Jews plan on "erecting the alleged Temple on the ruins of [the] Al-Aqsa Mosque"

“[PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Al-Husseini received the new British Consul General, Dr. Alastair McPhail, in his office in the [Jerusalem] neighborhood of Al-Barid yesterday afternoon [Feb. 10, 2014], and briefed him on the latest incidents that have befallen Jerusalem and its residents.
He [Al-Husseini] explained that the arbitrary measures being implemented by the occupation authorities in the various areas – economic, social, political and legal – in addition to the racist separation fence, the support of the settlers’ provocations and rampages, as well as other factors, have paralyzed life in the Holy City. In addition, he noted that the occupation authorities are desecrating the Islamic and Christian holy sites, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, and are employing techniques of falsification and fabrication to turn the historical and religious facts upside down, in order to realize their false claims regarding the extension of Jewish character [over the city] and erecting the alleged Temple on the ruins of [the] Al-Aqsa Mosque.”